CTU-CCMSC Celebrates Mother’s Day Special

On May 11, 2022, the Cebu Technological University – Cebu City Mountain Satellite Campus (CTU-CCMSC) celebrated the Mother’s Day Special, spearheaded by Campus Gender and Development Director Professor Nancy G. Largado.

The event was supported by Dr. Patrobinson M. Salumag, Campus Director, and the campus faculty and staff. With the active participation of the selected mothers of CTU-CCMSC students to participate in this particular moment of their lives.

The celebration highlighted the talk about cervical cancer awareness and family planning; the resource speaker was the campus nurse, Mrs. Irene Barino.

Mrs. Barino emphasizes the symptoms of cervical cancer and shares her thoughts and insights on how to prevent the aforementioned cancer case. In terms of family planning, she provides several beneficial suggestions for one family.

On the other hand, the Supreme Student Company initiates the celebration by encouraging students to appreciate their mothers, grandmother, and great-grandmothers for their contributions to family and society. It is a film presentation regarding the significance of their mothers in their lives. The tribute video message from the students is presented during the day of the celebrations.

The event was a big success with the involvement of students’ mothers, faculty, and staff.

Words by Lorelyn Obida