Cebu Technological University – Cebu City Mountain

Student Organizations



Supreme Student Government

The Supreme Student Government of CTU-Cebu City Mountain is the highest governing body of the campus. This organization responsibly fulfills the role in search for truth in academics, as well as for the social community. It is tough in promoting the best of the collective and individual interest, in order to secure harmony, unity, and cooperation amongst the members and the rest of the students, and with the management, wherein it is committed to achieve all these by means of an autonomous student government.

Likewise, CTU Cebu City Mountain Satellite Supreme Student Government is the supreme student organization of CTU CCM, the power of which emanates from the Student Body alone, wherein it is the sole, unified, autonomous and democratic representative body of the Students. As such, the SSG is tasked to protect and defend the rights of the Students as embodied in the Magna Carta of Students, and the law of the land. The SSG also treasures academic freedom, peace based on justice and the equality of sexes. Finally, the Supreme Student Government shall recognize the important role of the youth in nation-building, and promote their physical, intellectual, social-cultural and spiritual well-being.