CTU DB conducts 2nd Supreme Student Government Leadership Training

On July 27-30, 2022, the Cebu Technological University Daanbantayan Campus hosted the 2nd Supreme Student Government (SSG) Leadership Training at Hagnaya Beach Resort, San Regimio, with the theme “Reinvigorating Leaders Up-skilling Knowledge and Leadership”. 

The said program aims to build unity among the student leaders and serves as the training ground for successful leadership. 

It was participated by the three Extension Campus composed of CTU-San Remigio Campus, CTU-Bantayan Campus and CTU-Tabogon Campus.

The four-day indoor and outdoor training activity helps the participants make their leadership more meaningful and dynamic by using their trust in each other, strengthening their connection and active participation in various activities, such as individual theme-based exercises. 

The leadership training delegates were exposed to some indoor and outdoor activities, including solidarity, ideation and session, so the student leaders must be engaged.

Hon. Ranilo C. Baquer Jr., SSG President, assisted Ma’am Marlou C. Godinez, SSG Adviser, and led the training.

During the first day of the session, Hon. Baquer was also one of the speakers. He discussed how to be a great leader; he imparted ways from his personal experiences as an SSG President for three (3) consecutive years. He says, “the essence of being a great leader is by having a good and the right attitude.” 

On the second day, they had a Zumba dance participated with one hundred thirty-two (132) SSG leaders from the four (4) Campuses.

In addition to that, the speaker was Ms. Cherry C. Quirante. She conducted different activities like plays and team-building games. Also, she conducted the activities such as Finding my Team, Message Relay and the Perfect Square. It shows unity and perseverance, which helps the student leaders to stand firm in all circumstances to serve the betterment of the university. 

Moreover, they also had a tight ping-pong ball, which expressed the importance of leadership, communication, strategies, dedication and holding towards each other for reaching the common goal in the organization, to serve with passion and purpose.

On the third day of the training, they had a quest trainer, Mr. Ramero Baquir, a Daanbantayan National High School teacher, who discussed how to create paper documents such as communication letters and the minutes of the meeting and resolution. As per him, these three documents are a must-to-know for SSG officers as these can be utilized to use during making and to send communications to the different offices.

The training concluded with socialization, changing smiles and making and meeting new friends to work harmoniously.

Words by Nikkithea Beduya