Officers of the CTU DB Student Association gain valuable experience at the 10th FSG Summit 2023

A group of dedicated representatives from the Federation of the Students Government (FSG) Summit 2023 recently gathered at the CTU Danao Campus, hosting the event from May 10 to 13, 2023. Dr. Nikkithea L. Beduya, the Assistant Adviser for the Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines, along with Prof. Braulio M. Diongson, the Supreme Student Government Advisor, played instrumental roles in overseeing the well-being of the attending delegates

The CTU DB Campus enthusiastically sent five logistical committees, ten delegates, and five researchers to participate in the enlightening three-day leadership program. These student leaders effectively represented all 23 local universities, including main, satellite, and extension schools, allowing for comprehensive discussions and effective collaboration.

The summit proved to be an excellent platform for addressing the diverse challenges faced by student leaders within their respective SSG organizations and local campuses. A series of seminar workshops and training sessions were conducted following the FSG ordinance to facilitate growth and development.

The overarching aim of the three-day event was to foster unity among CTU student leaders, equipping them with valuable knowledge and skills that they could then share with their fellow students upon returning to their respective campuses.

Overall, the CTU DB Student Association officers seized the opportunity to partake in the 10th FSG Summit 2023, gaining valuable experiences and insights that will undoubtedly contribute to their personal growth and future endeavors as leaders.

Words by Joanne Flores

Proofread by Dr. Nikkithea L Beduya