The Modern Fisher Editor-in-Chief Excels as Best Delegate at FSG Summit 2023

The Cebu Technological University Daanbantayan Campus celebrated a significant achievement as Jerick Nio Bojos, the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of The Modern Fisher, emerged as the best delegate in the north cell category at the 10th Federation of Student Government (FSG) Summit 2023. The summit, which took place on May 13, 2023, at the Cebu Technological University Danao Campus, concluded with Bojos being recognized for his outstanding performance.

Bojos attributed his success to his open-mindedness and effective communication skills, emphasizing that pleasant communication stems from embracing different perspectives. He highlighted the importance of teamwork in building solid connections and overcoming challenges collectively.

In an interview, Bojos humbly expressed his surprise upon receiving the award. He never anticipated being named the best delegate for NorthCell Campuses. His primary focus during the summit was to accomplish the project pitching and to have a fulfilling experience, enjoy the event, and enhance his leadership skills.

A true leader, according to Bojos, is someone who not only looks after their own needs but also considers the needs of others. By fostering a sense of unity amidst diversity, remarkable achievements can be attained.

Bojos’ exceptional performance as the best delegate at the FSG Summit 2023 reflects his dedication, leadership abilities, and commitment to personal growth. His presence and contributions were duly appreciated and acknowledged by his peers and the organizing committee, solidifying his reputation as an exemplary student leader.

Words by Joanne Flores

Proofread by Dr. Nikkithea L Beduya