BSHM Daanbantayan Campus Elects Pioneering EHMA Officers 2023

Raising the banner of the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) department of Cebu Technological University Daanbantayan Campus, the first, second, and third-year students are assembled at the CTU Gymnasium to elect its pioneering officers for the newly founded Elite Hospitality Management Associations (EHMA).

According to the BSHM chairman, Prof. Anthony S. Tuñacao, it is time to create an organization for BSHM, as it has the most extensive program population on the campus, comprising 936 students.

“Soon, I am planning to elevate our department into an inclusive college, and it would be better to establish an organization that is ruled to facilitate the activities of our department,” Tuñacao said in an interview.

He also explained that, as chairman, it is not his job to do everything, and creating an organization under his control is a great advantage.

“Aside from what I have mentioned, creating an organization for the department is also required for the AACCUP Accreditation level 3 phase 2 of our campus,” he added.

Further, Mark Arriesgado, newly elected president of EHMA, shared that he has limited experience leading big organizations, but he was a consistent mayor until college. Leading the group is, therefore, to his considerable advantage.

“As the President of EHMA, for me, it is a new experience is a great opportunity, and I will not let this slide because aside from that, my professors told me to push for this position as they see the potential in me, so I might as well do this as an opportunity to grab, and hopefully we could foresee a future for me as the new president of EHMA. 

The organization is a feat for the BSHM department and CTU DB. A fresh start to the new semester for the organization to handle and initiate activities and programs

News Writer by Jerick Niño Bojos

Proofread by Dr. Nikkithea L Beduya