Japan-Philippine Bilateral Workcamp 2023 from GIED

The Japanese students teach the CTU DB students one of their cultural dances.

In the spirit of international collaboration and the theme “EMBRACE THE LIVING EARTH: Preserve, Restore, Thrive,” the 2023 Japan-Philippines Bilateral Workcamp brings together the vibrant exchange students from Japan and the warm hospitality of the GIED at CTU Daanbantayan Extension Campus. This event marks a meaningful cultural exchange between the two nations.

At the heart of this event are our esteemed hosts, Dr. Nikkithea Beduya, Director of Internationalization and ASEAN Integration, and Sir Nicolas Antigua, Director of Extension and Services. The grand opening ceremony takes place at the GIED Kalambuan Gymnatorium, graced by the presence of our first-year students and key organizational leaders.

This Bilateral Workcamp forms an integral part of GIED’s commitment to fostering global connections and understanding. Sixteen Japanese National Exchange students have embarked on this journey, under the leadership of Ma’am Queen Dadulo, CEO of GIED.

The opening ceremony features a medley of melodious tunes, as our illustrious campus singing group, the Harmony Ensemble, led by Sir Marco Bargayo, performs the prayer hymn, national anthems of both nations, the ASEAN anthem, and the GIED anthem.

Addressing our distinguished guests is Sir Felixberto Lucabon Jr, our dedicated Assistant Campus Director, who extends a heartfelt welcome. He emphasizes the enriching experience that awaits our international guests, inviting them to explore our campus and the local culture. He underscores the prospect of a two-week journey where Japanese and Filipino students can become not just friends but mentors for each other’s success.

To ensure our visitors feel at home, Dr. Ruben Ungui, the Campus Director, delivers his warm and reassuring remarks, providing a sense of belonging and comfort during their fifteen-day stay on our campus.

Our campus dance troupe, led by Dr. Ricky Derecho, Chair of Physical Education and Cultural Affairs, takes the stage, captivating the audience with their graceful and mesmerizing performance, highlighting the cultural diversity of the Philippines.

Moreover, Dr. Jocelle del Rosario, our ever-committed Director of Student Affairs, concludes the ceremony with heartfelt words, assuring our international exchange students that they will be embraced and supported by the Supreme Student Government, led by President Jerick Nio Bojos.

This year’s Japan-Philippines Bilateral Workcamp promises to be a journey of cultural exchange, growth, and friendship, as we come together to embrace the living earth and build a brighter future.

Words by Nikkithea Beduya