CTU-Daanbantayan Hosts Seminar on Anti-Sexual Harassment and Workplace Ethics

In a proactive move towards fostering a safe and ethical learning environment, Cebu Technological University – Daanbantayan Campus (CTU-DB) recently organized a seminar focused on anti-sexual harassment and workplace ethics. Held at the Kalambuan Gymnatorium, the event garnered significant attendance from both students and parents alike.

Under the proficient guidance of Dr. Tracy L. Mantos, Director of the Student Internship Abroad Programme, and Prof. Mary Arden Malinao, BSIT OJT Coordinator, the seminar delved into crucial topics including labor legislation, internship orientation, and the pivotal role of parental involvement in students’ professional journey.

The event served as a platform not only to disseminate essential knowledge but also to empower attendees in navigating the intricacies of internship opportunities. By shedding light on pertinent legal frameworks and ethical considerations, CTU-Daanbantayan aimed to equip participants with the necessary tools to confidently navigate the professional sphere, emphasizing the importance of fostering a culture of respect and integrity. / Dr. Nikkithea Beduya