CTU Triumphs at CHEDRO7 ASEAN Commemorative Contest

Cebu Technological University emerges as the beacon of triumph at the CHEDRO7 ASEAN Commemorative Contest 2023. Represented by a stellar team—Jimmy Ricks Grajo, Herchell Thomas Alga, June Armin Joring, Janeth Coyoca, and Yahoo Url Mibato—hailing from the CebuTech Danao, clinched the first place in the Songwriting Category, with the theme “ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth.”

Amidst fierce competition and a showcase of exceptional musical expertise, the CTU entry entitled “It Starts Here in ASEAN”, masterfully penned and arranged by Jimmy Ricks Grajo, captivated hearts of the judges, adding to the triumph, the masterpiece consistently held the admiration of the masses, earning the prestigious People’s Choice award—an accolade that resonates the song’s widespread impact and resonance among audiences.

The CTU team led by Dr. Edralin General, CTU Danao’s Chairperson for Internationalization and ASEAN Integration, recently paid a courtesy call to Dr. Rose Mary L. Almacen, Campus Director of CTU Danao and Vice President for Student Affairs. During this meeting, Dr. Almacen sincerely expressed her profound appreciation for the outstanding achievement, acknowledging the students’ feat as not just a triumph for CTU Danao but a momentous victory that reverberates across the entire CTU family.

Dr. Almacen remarked, “The dedication and brilliance displayed by our students in crafting this remarkable composition exemplify the steadfast spirit of innovation and excellence that CTU upholds. This triumph is a testament to our commitment to nurture talent and fostering a culture where creativity flourishes.”

The victory at the CHEDRO7 ASEAN Commemorative Contest not only signifies CTU’s musical talent but also underscores its dedication to nurturing holistic development among its students. As the institution continues to champion innovation and academic excellence, this triumph stands as a testament to CTU’s commitment to excellence on both national and international stages.