CWTS Trainees Illuminate the Season with Parol Lighting Ceremony

The National Service Training Program (NSTP) students at CTU Danao came together on December 1st for the ceremonial lighting of their handcrafted parol. Led by Prof. Delia Sabio NSTP Director, the students adorned the front of the NSTP office with their beautifully crafted parols, marking the beginning of the jolly season.

The parols, meticulously created by the NSTP CWTS Program Trainees, stood as a testament to the students’ dedication and artistry. Each parol reflected the students’ innovative spirit, infusing traditional elements with modern designs, showcasing a vibrant blend of colors and patterns.

The ceremony not only illuminated the campus but also symbolized the unity and collaborative efforts of the NSTP community. Prof. Sabio expressed her pride in the students’ hard work and highlighted the significance of such activities in fostering a sense of camaraderie and creativity among the youth.

The festive ambiance brought about by the glowing parols not only added warmth to the campus but also served as a reminder of the joyous spirit of the season. As the lights shimmered in front of the NSTP office, they echoed the enthusiasm and dedication of the students, spreading cheer and goodwill throughout the CTU Danao community.