Danao Campus Mobilizes Blood Donors, Saving Lives in Two-Day Drive

In a powerful showcase of unity and compassion, Cebu Technological University’s Danao Campus mobilized a total of 228 blood donors on December 4-5, 2023, in a mobile blood donation campaign spearheaded by National Service Training Program Office in partnership with the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC).  This collective effort radiates the selflessness within the community, marking a substantial step toward replenishing life-saving blood supplies.

With the continuous campaign of CTU Danao Campus in giving blood support for the region, Prof. Delia G. Sabio, NSTP Director hopes to have more blood donors in the coming months. With her leadership, CTU and VSMMC partnership surely breaks barriers when it comes to service of the community.

Under the guidance of Ms. Levediza B. Castro, RN, on December 4, and Mr. Renante V. Magbanua, RN, on December 5, from Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC), the committed teams efficiently managed the event, receiving 93 donors on the first day and an outstanding 135 on the following day. Their adept leadership ensured a successful event that honored the essence of generosity.

Acknowledging the crucial importance of blood donations, these individuals seized the chance to provide vital support to those requiring assistance. Their selflessness resonated with the fundamental principles of human compassion, going beyond limits to directly influence and potentially save lives.

The success of this blood donation drive at CTU Danao Campus stands as a testament to the dauntless spirit of unity and generosity within the community. The selfless actions of these 228 donors have charted a path toward sustaining and enriching lives.