CTU-Danao shines with 3 Programs honored for Excellence in Education, Innovation, and Compliance

Cebu Technological University Danao Campus is basking in the glory of a triumphant moment, as three of its outstanding programs received accolades for their commitment to education, innovation, and excellence. The celebration of Education, Arts, and Sciences is marked by the collective achievements of all six programs, each proudly adorned with the Certification of Program Compliance (COPC) from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). This recognition solidifies the institution’s dedication to providing quality education that prepares students to shape the future.

A resounding congratulations is in order for the following programs that have distinguished themselves with their exceptional performance:

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED);

Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLTEd);

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and English (BSEd).

As Cebu Technological University Danao Campus celebrates these achievements, it reinforces its dedication to fostering an environment of learning, research, and innovation. These accolades serve as a testament to the institution’s continuous pursuit of excellence and its role in nurturing future leaders and professionals. With a focus on quality education, the university is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the development and progress of society. Congratulations once again to all the programs for their remarkable success. / ICPA-DANAO