CTU Danao sweeping Success at CpE Regional Challenge

The entire Department of Computer Engineering and the CTU Danao community stand united in pride, celebrating remarkable achievements of the students who merged victorious in an impressive display of skill and camaraderie in the CpE Regional Challenge happened at CIT University on February 17, 2024.

Mel James Calzada emerged triumphant in the Programming Challenge – C Category, showcasing exceptional prowess. Joining him in the ranks of distinction were Jude Anthony Sayson, securing the esteemed 2nd runner-up position in Python, and Pil Daniel Laurente, clinching an impressive 2nd runner-up title in Java.

Furthermore, the EGames category unfolded with equal fervor and intensity, witnessing the stellar performance of Vincent Capa, Judiel Niño Durano, Vincent James Camay, Mhiley Pepito, Iñakie Antolo, and John Ray Mata. Their collective talent and teamwork propelled as the champions. The triumph came after rigorous training, strategic planning, and unwavering dedication from the talented gamers.

Each victory symbolizes not only individual excellence but also the collective spirit of collaboration and dedication that defines the institution.

While celebrating students’ accomplishments, CTU – Danao also reiterate the dedication to developing talent and creating an atmosphere that supports development and success. / Hannylyn Cabunilas