CTU Danao Dance Troupe lauded for their impressive dance performance at Sayaw Pinoy 2024 Cebu Dance Concert

The Cebu Technological University Danao Dance Troupe showcased their outstanding performance during the Sayaw Pinoy 2024 Cebu Dance Concert with the theme:  Dance for Healing and Peace (Sayaw Para sa Kaayuhan ug Kalinaw) spearheaded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) showcasing the diversity and talent within the country’s vibrant dance community. The event drew audiences eager to witness the beauty and dynamism of Filipino dance traditions at SM Seaside City Cebu on March 10, 2024.

The group performed Kambadak-badak Dance of the Maguindanao Tribe.  It is a dance from Maguindanao people, where the act of putting rice powder or badak on their faces is customary to attain a fair complexion and is usually done every night by ladies belonging to the upper class or in preparation for special occasions like the night before the wedding to add radiance on their faces. The intricate Inaul costume of the dancers (Inaul means “woven” in Maguindanaoan known for its geometric designs is considered a status symbol) adds the authenticity of the performance with the excellent choreography of Prof. Michaed Dax Barlaan, CTU Danao’s Cultural Director. 

The concert featured dance performances of various dance troupe from universities in the city and the province of Cebu, ranging from traditional folk dances to contemporary pieces that have been passed down through generations which push the boundaries of artistic expression. With each performance, audiences were treated to a captivating journey through the cultural landscape of the Philippines, where every movement and gesture told a story of heritage, identity, and resilience.

According to Dr. Lordinio A. Vergara, Head, National Committee on Dance, the concert was not only a showcase of artistic excellence but also a testament to the commission’s commitment to preserving and promoting Filipino culture. “Through dance, we are able to celebrate the richness and diversity of our heritage while also fostering unity and understanding among our people,” remarked Dr. Vergara.

It was clear that the NCCA’s dance concert had achieved its goal of inspiring, entertaining, and educating audiences about the beauty and diversity of Filipino dance as it was evident on the faces of the attendees the appreciation of our rich and vibrant Philippine dance culture. / ICPA Danao