Cebu Technological University – Danao

About Us

Welcome to Cebu Technological University (CTU) Danao. Home to some 4,000 individuals committed to lifelong learning. The countryside has greatly impacted students and academics who not only project a vibrant present but also a compelling future.

They see hope and fulfillment through the lens of the institution whose recent efforts have led to a more profound understanding of what it means to be premier.

The current leadership has accommodated various opportunities resulting in championships, linkages, program compliance, and government grants, among others, which underscore the paramount regard for the longevity of ideals that mark genuine service to stakeholders.

Hailed as the Center for Internationalization, CTU Danao has been sending students abroad to learn from experts in top-of-the-line establishments. Faculty mobility also allows for exposure to some of the best practices from renowned universities in Asia. In turn, foreign students frequent the campus to engage in talks relative to sustainable development goals, while embracing the local culture.

Significantly, it has created a niche for learning to capacitate students with the help of determined instructors who provide the innovative climate, while being equipped with the appropriate technology. Focusing on a student's potential is highly relevant especially in the fast-paced world where change is the only thing constant.

Aware of the various constraints affecting the mind and body, the university has acted upon wellness campaigns to ensure a healthy well-being for a more productive and efficient workforce.

Consistently drawing delegates from the region, the campus had hosted major sporting events to strengthen the drive for a positive mindset that would surely turn difficulties into challenges.

Partly reflective of this optimism is its pursuit for extension activities. Having the highest number of extension programs among CTU campuses signifies dedication to move alongside progress in every way possible.

The administration perfectly understands that nothing ever stops evolution even in terms of looking at what other things could be done to adapt with the dynamic landscape. This principle has led to more projects.

Build, build, build has become its mantra to put a premium on spaces for quality learning and sharing of expertise.

Given the trajectory, the university has taken the most strategic position that resonates diligence, commitment and integrity. Doubtless, it would scale even greater heights in the coming years.

CTU Danao, your gateway to the future.


The University’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives.

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A general overview of CTU Danao’s Campus History from its establishment as a university up to the present.