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Social Responsibility


social responsibility

ALIVE 2.0: Akapulco Soap for Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Phase 2

After the production training using the Utility Model of Akapulco Soap, this Phase 2 project provided training on the packaging, bookkeeping and marketing of the produced products.

24 Beneficiaries (Community Residents)

17 volunteer students

11 volunteer staff


Computer Mo, Lamdag Ko

The project trained Day Care Teacher-Volunteers in computer applications.

40 Beneficiaries (Teacher-Volunteers)

48 volunteer students

7 volunteer staff


Computer Training Mo, Tabang Ko (Skills Training Program)

To increase opportunities for employment and/or additional income, beneficiaries were trained in identifying, manipulating, maintaining and repairing parts of a computer unit.

31 Beneficiaries (Out of School Youth)

10 volunteer students

8 volunteer staff


Experimento Namu, Panginabuhi Ninyo

The project which is a skills training program trained the beneficiaries in the production of organic products (patented researches) to serve as an alternative source of income.

20 Beneficiaries (Housewives)

29 volunteer students

8 volunteer staff


USF Fablab CTU Danao

A University Shared facility provided by DTI, aimed to come up with; at least 40 MSMEs assisted, at least 100 unique design prototypes; 200 users among MSMEs, Startups and Freelance Designers within the catchment areas to become at par with the rest of their respective industries.

340 Beneficiaries (MSMEs, Startups and Freelance Designers, CommunityMSMEs, Startups and Freelance Designers, Community)

40 volunteer hours

3 volunteer staff


Kalambuan sa Pamilya, Pinaagi sa Sabong Panlaba (Phase II: Packaging, Marketing and Bookkeeping)

The project is in its second phase providing training on the packaging, bookkeeping and marketing of local laundry soap produced by the beneficiaries.

23 Beneficiaries (Community Residents)

64 volunteer hours

10 volunteer staff


Kamias Panghugas

To address the issue of income augmentation, this project provided training in the production of Kamias dishwashing liquid.

17 Beneficiaries (Community Residents)

12 volunteer students

8 volunteer staff


Katam-is sa Pagluto, Kinabuhi Mulambo Phase 2

A livelihood project that provided training to household members on the procedures in making organic sweet products (such as banana peel chips with malunggay, turmeric-calamansi pastillas, squalunggay polvoron and camote-malunggay piaya) as their additional source of living.

15 Beneficiaries (Housewives)

21 volunteer students

7 volunteer staff


Kulukabildo (Ang Ikaduhang Hugna)

To address the deficiency of instructional materials written in the mother/native tongue, this project was designed to develop teacher’s skills in enhancing, producing, generating, adapting, developing, evaluating instructional materials for MTB-MLE.

37 Beneficiaries (Teachers)

15 volunteer students

6 volunteer staff

Trachtenberg on Wheels: Madali maging Matalino

To address issues of elementary children's difficulty in learning mathematics, this project enhanced mental math ability with the use of a revolutionary new method of high-speed multiplication.

100 Beneficiaries (Children)

48 volunteer students

12 volunteer staff


Kikita ang Magpaganda-Phase 2 "Magnegosyo Na Ta"

A Phase 2 project that increased the competencies in the production of local soap products and wipe fly repellent while providing additional income to the beneficiaries

20 Beneficiaries (Housewives, OSY-Female)

7 volunteer students

4 volunteer staff

Pantawid Para sa Kauswagan Pundok Alang Natong Tanan Walay Ihikaw nga Dalan

The project trained beneficiaries in computer systems servicing in accordance with industry standards.

30 Beneficiaries (Pantawid Pampamilya, ALS Graduates, OSY)

48 volunteer hours

3 volunteer staff


Problem Solving Made Easy

A tutorial program that enhanced the mathematical problem-solving ability of the beneficiaries

250 Beneficiaries (Children)

29 volunteer students

12 volunteer staff


Sakpi sa BJMP (2nd Edition) "Skills and Knowledge for Productive Inmates

This phase 2 project provided persons deprived of liberty (inmates) with training in different skills to promote a sense of efficacy, and develop productivity even while incarcerated. This promoted a sense of responsibility through enhancing the skills and motivating the people/community to continue supporting those in need.

175 Beneficiaries (Person Deprived of Liberty (PDL)

28 volunteer students

15 volunteer staff


Sugkay Sugkay ni Nanay alang sa Kalamboan (Phase II: Packaging, Marketing and Bookkeeping)

Another phase 2 project focused on the mastery of the skills in packaging, marketing and bookkeeping of bread & pastry products produced by the beneficiaries.

20 Beneficiaries (Housewives)

18 volunteer students

12 volunteer staff


Tabang sa Kinaiyahan

To rehabilitate the Guisay Cove, fisherfolk were trained in community-based mangrove rehabilitation.

20 Beneficiaries (Fisherfolks)

576 volunteer students

15 volunteer staff

Trachtenberg on Wheels 2.0: Teachers' Training Program

The training is designed to help teachers in Elementary Schools in teaching mathematics, specifically in the Multiplication of numbers using the Trachtenberg Method.

40 Beneficiaries (Teachers)

26 volunteer students

12 volunteer staff