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University Shared Facility - Sewing, is part of the shared service program of Cebu Technological University (CTU) Danao. The facility started in order to address the needs in the present times. Moreover, the initiative of the facility is to produce PPE’s and therefore help the community fight against COVID-19

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CTU Danao Fablab is a University Shared Facility funded by the Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) and cooperated by CTU Danao. The Fablab looks forward to developing relevant research and innovations in Engineering and Technology utilizing the state-of-the-art equipment available in the facility, particularly 3D printing. It aims to engage more faculty and student researchers into digital fabrication essential to the needs of the industry and the community exploring technological possibilities useful to various applications in the industrial, education, business, and art aspects. It was officially launched last September 17, 2019.

Services offered in this USF include 3D printing and scanning, laser cutting and engraving, large format printing, and other prototyping activities. Fablab also caters to different types of MSMEs to support product and packaging innovation needs. Training on digital designing, such as 2D and 3D designing for MSMEs, faculty, and students, are also offered in the facility.

CTU Danao Fablab has initiated extension programs for MSMEs, start-up entrepreneurs, faculty members, and students to enhance the capabilities of digital applications. Through this initiative, Fablab can provide additional skills on t digital fabrication to the community enabling them to improve standards in their respective areas such as business and education.

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