Cebu Technological University – Danao

Student Organizations



Supreme Student Government (SSG)

The Supreme Student Government shall exercise governance over all the student organizations of Cebu Technological University (CTU) Danao. It shall encourage the students’ organization of the club as venues in showcasing their talents and skills. Furthermore, the SSG shall have a role in declining the organization of clubs.

The official logo of the Supreme Students Government shall be in a circular form; inscribed alongside the circle shall be the name of the University and its location in capital letters

Scale- Represents equal rights to all students.
Dove- Represents hope among the dilemmas and good leadership towards students.
Book- Represent wisdom and knowledge.
Map of the Philippines- Represent nationalism and patriotism for our country.
Torch- Represent enlightenment and guidance for progressive leadership.
Stars- Denoting the five elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit.
Ribbon- Symbolizes ties and bonds under circumstances and failure.
Three colored circle:
Blue- Success
Yellow- Leadership
Red- Teamwork


Future Scientist & Technology Leaders of the Philippines (FSTLP)

The FSTLP is one of the highest independent governing bodies of the CTU Danao. All authorities entrusted to the Future Science & Technology Leaders of the Philippines emanate from the Shop Student Body, provided the same are not contrary to the University policies.


The Working Hand

Working Hand is a publication serving the interest of the studentry, informing the CTU community of the news and development within and outside the university. It shall abide and conform to the ethics of journalism and serve as a medium of committed and independent student opinion on international, national, local and campus-wide issues that are directly and indirectly affecting the students in particular and the people in general. It shall serve as a venue for social transformation and give special importance toscience and technology being the students primary interest.


Campus Ministry/ CTU Danao Chorale

CTU Danao Chorale is part of the cultural organization in CTU Danao. It is a musical ensemble of passionate student singers. Talented freshmen auditionees are being sifted to be the upcoming pride of CTU Danao as performers. Upon learning wise time management for being a school performer and a student at the same time, CTU chorale members also develop a close association with each other for the reason that having teamwork is a must.

A chorale is not just a group of people singing but a group of individuals who have the discipline of attending rehearsals while developing their listening skills, concentration and willingness to serve without even expecting any reward or something in return. Its primary function is to grow and develop students' vocal talents, and encourage community spirit and engagement through participation in group singing.


Educators’ League

The Educators’ League organization desired to build a just and humane society and become worthy citizens of the community and leaders in the pursuit of the national development of our country. It provides an opportunity for students to explore and model the key values that exist in schools and the curriculum. Believing further that these objectives which are to conduct undertaking that promote the welfare of the students; unite all students in the university as an active body; defend the rights and welfare of the students through technical-vocational, academic and cultural activities; unite all students in the University as an active body; support programs and projects of the administration for the welfare and development of the student; exercise the students’ rights as envisioned in the goals of CTU Danao as an educational institution, can best be achieved by an effective working student of our rights and welfare to be officially established.


The Mobius Pirates

The Mobius πrates is an official Math Club of CTU Danao City. The name Mobius Pirates was coined by two terms: "Mobius" came from the German Mathematician and theoretical astronomer Augustus Ferdinand Mobius, best known for his work in analytic geometry and topology then the one who discovered the Mobius strips. Afterward, "pirates" because we bring and ship products or ideas from one place to another, then the official members are the pirates of Mobius. We bring his ideas from the past; teach them to the present generations until these ideas remain forever in the minds of mathematicians and math enthusiasts; this is the motto of The Mobius πrates.


Assembly of Einstein’s Apprentice (ASEINAP)

Assembly of Einstein's Apprentice or commonly abbreviated as ASEINAP is the fully accredited SCIENCE organization in CTU Danao Campus. This organization aims to promote scientific knowledge and engage in community extensions through research. It is a student's organization that extends knowledge, self-esteem and social relationships. It also promotes awareness that Science is not something to be afraid of; moreover, ASEINAP will nurture and train students to recognize and love the beauty of sciences that indeed surround us.


Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineering (JPSME)

Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (JPSME) is an organization in CTU Danao and is under The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME). JPSME is an organization for aspiring Mechanical Engineers that will help change the future through the students lens and bright minds which connects to the theme “MECHANICAL ENGINEERS: THE NATION`S PRIME MOVERS OF THE INDUSTRIAL 4.0”. JPSME was created to serve as a platform for students to learn academically and create programs that would train them in the undertakings of becoming an efficient catalyst of the future. Thus, to help the students be equipped with the right tools to help our society face the new challenges in today's world. To new Research updates, Technological advancements, and innovations that will soon fulfill the purpose of being a Mechanical Engineer.


Engineering Society (ES)

Engineering Society (ES) recognizes the term “engineering education” to encompass the full academic spectrum of instruction, research, scholarship, practice, and service. ES also has an enduring commitment to continuous improvement.


Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineering (IIEE)

IIEE CSC – CTU Danao Chapter, formerly Electrical Engineering Student Society was formed as early as 2013 during Engr. Roldan Ramelo’s term. In response to the growing number of Electrical Engineering students, this organization was accredited as a chapter of the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers – Council of Student Chapters being CTU Danao Chapter in 2019 during the term of the organization president, Kyle Anton Aligno, thus the rise of IIEE – CSC CTU Danao Chapter. The organization believes that the Electrical Engineering studentry has always been one of the most excellent resources of this organization’s future leaders. This organization’s members should be familiarized with the organization’s various activities while still in tertiary education. This organization serves as the link to its mother and sister organizations, the National and Regional Council of IIEE. These organizations consist of Electrical Engineers and Master Electricians, leading technical know-how in Electrical Engineering and related disciplines of students’ interests.


Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines- Students League (ICPEP.SE)

The Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines Student’s Edition n comprises all the enrolled students under the Computer Engineering program of CTU Danao.

The organization shall have its temporary office at the Engineering Computer Laboratory at CTU Danao.


Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers- CTU Danao Student Chapter (PICE)

This is the official logo for the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers. This was created in 1937. This was first organized at CTU Danao last school year 2016-2017 with the late president, Engr. Irish Oliverio and adopted the name Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers- CTU Danao Student Chapter. This logo has been widely used from the University of the Philippines- Diliman Campus until it reaches Cebu. Here in Cebu, we have PICE-CHAPTER Cebu composed of ten (10) Universities and colleges including state Universities.


Innovators Efficacious Society

We unselfishly share our talents to form a perfect union of Industrial Engineering Students to enhance the member’s knowledge, skills and personality through electric activities. Thus, uplifting the morale and principles of the Engineering Program and promoting stronger cooperation between the school in particular and in the society in general.


Techno Gadget Organization (Day)

The Techno Gadgets organization is the student body of the College of Technology Day Session that would inform students and create opportunities for learning, leadership development and fostering of shared interests of the students and the members of the organization.

Defend the rights and welfare of the students through technical-vocational academic and cultural activities. Unite all students in the University as an active body. It serves as an active forum for the students’ ideas, concerns and sentiments and should be given prior solutions. Exercise the students’ rights as envisioned in the goals of CTU Danao as an educational instruction. Support programs and projects of the administration for the welfare and development of the student. Conduct undertakings that promote the welfare of the students.


Techno gadget Organization (Night)

The Fern and Gold Circle with the CTU logo under it symbolizes unity and pride that we are aiming for, wherein we are dedicating it to our beloved alma mater for they abide us in our simple solitary root where their arms are open wide in accepting us through the guidance of our Almighty Father

The Gold Eagle on the center represents the hard works and sacrifices of all students in College of Technology in which they can perform and apply it wherein after they graduate, In God's plan, all the efforts and drudgery will be paid off and being able to make themselves satisfied and successful and has the chance to be proud of themselves.


Host Guild

Inside the guild KY represents the four (4) disciplines that are focused by our guild The building represents the field that our guild will concur in our future endeavors as professional The gold stands for the standards that the guild is aiming to achieve *Tatak gold standard. The shield acts as a unity to each of the members.


Tourism Organization of Ultimate Rightmovers (TOURCH)

TOURch is an inter-departmental organization for the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Students in CTU Danao Campus.