A Night to Remember: CoEd Induction and Acquaintance Party 2022

Photo by Neil Photography

The College of Education (CoEd) of the CTU-Dumanjug campus conducted its face-to-face Induction and Acquaintance Party 2022 with the theme “Engagement to a Struggle for Success of Ambition and Oneness” on October 17, 2022.

After years of coping with the new learning mode, it finally welcomes the students to participate in and celebrate various events face-to-face through a formal welcome address by the College Head, Dr. Rolito T. Imperial. 

To formally start the first part of the event, the SSC President, Hon. Mark Jhon Partusa led the induction of the classroom officers, while Dr. Imperial inducted the Education  Academy Students Organization (EASO) officers.

The future educators were introduced by their respective advisers. The participants could meet old and new friends as part of the event. They participated in engaging games such as teacher impersonation and dance presentations, followed by the ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan: Pop Solo and Duet,’ which gave those talented students in the singing category. They also have  ‘Ms. Q and A’ wherein members of the LGBTQ+ community were able to express themselves, which they can also garner confidence freely.

These friendly competitions showed that CTU-Dumanjug Campus faculty supports students’ talents and promotes an inclusive atmosphere, whatever identity a student wants to express. On the other hand, the CoEd’s faculty and staff showed their dance prowess intended for the acquaintance party.

The winners of the said contests were declared and awarded along with the winners of different competitions. They also announced the winner of the night’s Mr. and Ms. Head  Turner, who showed the best Bohemian attire.

The theme “Engagement to a Struggle for Success of Ambition and Oneness “turned into life. The night was just the beginning of the unity of all the technologists taking one step at a time toward a dream of success. It was indeed a memorable night for the CoEd department. Students blended in and had the best time getting to know other students in the same field.

Lastly, the event marked millions of smiles on every face as to how worthy it was and how great to be part of it. 

Words by Alfie Neña Sinangote and Rachel Perater