The Cebu Technological University (CTU) resonates with its national and international commitments on gender equality and women’s empowerment. It recognizes the vital role of women and men employees in attaining the university vision, mission, and goals. It seeks to promote gender equality, social justice, and holistic human development through gender mainstreaming in decision-making processes, policies, programs, and activities. Hence, the University Office of Gender and Development (GAD) and its policies and guidelines were established at CTU in compliance with the law.    

MCW IRR, Rule VI, Section 37 mandates the delivery of the following minimum requirements: (a) GAD planning and budgeting; (b) creation of a GAD Focal Point System; (c) setting up of sex-disaggregated database; and (d) conduct of gender audit. Moreover, MCW IRR Rule IV, Section 16 directs the Commission on Higher Education to implement the following policies: (1) develop and promote gender-sensitive curriculum; (2) develop gender-fair instructional materials; (3) ensure that educational institutions implement a capacity building program on gender, peace, and human rights education for their officials, faculty and non-teaching staff and personnel; (4) promote partnerships between and among players of the education sector, including the private sector, churches, and faith groups in the pursuit of the objectives of this section; (5) encourage advertising industry and other similar institutions to provide free use of space and installation of displays for schools, colleges and universities for campaigns to end discrimination and violence against women; and (6) guarantee that educational institutions provide scholarship programs for marginalized women and girls. Conditions such as age, pregnancy, motherhood, disabilities, or lack of husband’s consent shall not be grounds for disqualification in the grant of scholarships. With this directive, CHED issued CMO No. 1, s. 2015 to cascade the mandates to the SUCs while specifying the concrete gender mainstreaming strategies.