General Environmental Policies

General Statement

The Cebu Technological University (CTU) actively supports environmental stewardship as majority of its campuses are located in the Province of Cebu where a balance of nature and urbanism can be observed. CTU ensures that the implementation of its endeavours in instruction, research, extension and production are environment-friendly. It further strives to be a leading institution in incorporating socio-ecological welfare in its programs.

As among one of the premier technological universities of the Philippines, CTU is committed to inculcate in its students, faculty and staff the values and commitment to sustainability. Knowing the relevance of science and technology in our society, it recognizes that these should be used towards the common good. CTU also supports the concept of modern industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), where technology, society and sustainability converge.

CTU will continue to be compliant to existing environmental laws of the country, and shall promote its ideologies to its internal and external stakeholders. Ultimately, it firmly believes that all its programs must consider the welfare of the environment to be deemed sustainable. CTU’s commitment to the environment is reflected in its pillars:

Instruction: Concepts of environmental sustainability is promoted to its faculty, staff and students, and the process of incorporating education for sustainable development course to its curriculum is undergoing.

Research: Multi-disciplinary research endeavours on biodiversity and environment are highly encouraged and are allocated with annual internal budget allocations. It has also lead in several externally funded research programs that are related to the environment.

Extension: Several community extension endeavours, including environmental preservation are conducted.

Production: CTU has produced numerous environment friendly products (with intellectual property rights claims) that are already utilized by the community and other stakeholders.

Administration: The practices of CTU are aligned with the environmental stewardship principles. It conducts periodic monitoring and evaluation of all campuses to ensure compliance to pertinent environmental laws of the country.

Leadership: The top management is highly committed towards environmental stewardship as reflected by the instituted policies and programs.


General Policies

This policy will guide administrators, faculty, staff and students in the planning, conducting, monitoring and evaluating endeavours of the university. It will play a significant role as it continues to build environmentally sustainable campuses. It will continue to promote environmental advocacies to its stakeholders.

This policy applies to all members of the Cebu Technological University, including students, faculty, staff and visitors.


  • CTU will consider the environmental impact of its endeavours in instruction, research, extension, production, and infrastructure.
  • CTU will implement water and energy conservation programs.
  •  CTU will strive to reduce material waste by proper waste management and recycling.
  • CTU will support endeavours that will make a cleaner air, including transportation management.
  • CTU will create specific policies that will protect the natural environment in its campuses
  • CTU will strive to include practical environmental sustainability concepts in its teaching with the students.
  • CTU will reach out in educating the community and other government agencies and institutions about environmental stewardship
  • CTU will maintain an updated sustainability website to promote environmental stewardship and keep the stakeholders informed on its relevant endeavours.