CTU Main celebrates PRAISE-TAP 2020

Cebu Technological University (CTU) Main celebrated the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE – TAP 2020) on December 16, 2020 virtually. The theme of this year-end celebration in giving recognition and tribute to the faculty and non-teaching personnel was “Commitment to Excellence for Resilience and Sustainability”. 

Teaching and non-teaching personnel were awarded for their outstanding performance in teaching and service and length of service in the university. CTU Administrators also gave tribute to the retirees who contributed much to the sustainable growth of the University. 

The outstanding professors were as follows: Dr. Porferio M. Almerino Jr., Prof. Mario Rebucas Jr., Dr. Roselyn Bustos, Prof. Danilo Cebe, Dr. Hedeliza Pineda, Dr. Januario Flores Jr., Dr. Ronald Galindo, Dr. Junjun Obiso, Prof. Marjorie Anero, Prof. Regina Sitoy, Dr. Doris Gascon, Dr. Gregorio Pajaron Jr., and Dr. Sylvester Cortes. Among the awarded non-teaching personnel were Dr. Nona Fe Estolas and Mr. Gilmenarde Santos. Many professors and non-teaching personnel were also awarded for their loyalty service in the University with at least ten years as civil servants.

It was indeed a great motivation to the teaching and non-teaching personnel to be recognized and awarded for their contributions to  the success of the university, especially in the Main Campus./ccmr/rmmm