CTU advocates inclusive education by accepting deaf-mute scholars

In relation to inclusive education, Cebu Technological University (CTU) accepts scholars enrolled for the Academic Year 2020-2021. For this current academic year, there were four scholars. Chester Keith Flores and Mark Lawrence Abata, both CT-Special Education freshmen, were Damaso Ke So Scholarship scholars.  Further, Ella Marie Rivers and Crystal Cate Banzon were the scholars of the Enriqueta Briones Co Scholarship.

Mr. Gerard Co, Director of Markham One Development Corp., confirmed the scholars’ eligibility in Damaso Ke Co And Enriqueta Briones Co Scholarship. Mr. Irvin Narsico, the Scholarship Coordinator, said that these scholars are deaf-mute. 

CTU’s goal in welcoming students with special needs is aligned with UNICEF, and the Philippine educational system on no child should be left behind policy. This inclusivity is also an affirmation of the gender and development’s vision./ccmr/rmmm