Engineering Brainiacs: Road to Excellence

The Electrical Engineering students of Cebu Technological University (CTU) Main  showcase their quick-witted talents during a Quiz-bee held in CTU Main via Zoom last March 5, 2021. Seventeen BS-EE participants participated in the said event. The next day, an elimination round was held in which the 8 top scorers secured a spot for the next and final round.

The said event was spearheaded by Julay Labitad, the head of EEC (Electrical Engineering Circuit) Team of Quizzers, along with his co-organizers Ryan John Perez and Dominic Enovero. According to Labitad, the top 8 participants who would proceed to the final round will be given a set of ten (10) easy, five (5) average,  and three (3) difficult problem-solving questions. The winner of the event would be taking part in the EEC (Team of Quizzers), which will  be trained by various professors and their seniors. These EEC members would be CTU Main’s representatives whenever there are quiz-bee competitions within the university, including at the regional and national level.

After a thrilling and breathtaking competition, Lorenz Gerard P. Batusin, a BSEE-1H student, took home the gold while Oscar John Arnado (BSEE-1C) placed second  and Norman Digma Romulo (BSEE-1C) placed third. In an interview with Batusin via Facebook messenger, he mentioned that during the elimination round of the competition, he did not expect to advance to the final round and win it all since he is just a freshman student competing against other junior and senior engineering students. After bagging a spot for the final round, Batusin went up a notch with his concentration and preparation for the final round.

When the final results were announced, he was literally at a loss for words. During the interview, he said, “Knowing how hard the competition was, I never expected to be on top. But I know God has planned this for me, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity that he has given me.”

In another interview of Janniel Deiparine, the president of IIEE-SC (Institute of Integrated Engineers – Student Chapter) of CTU Main, he said that it had been a tradition of the Electrical Engineering Department to organize a Quiz-bee to keep the competitive flame alive within its students. Also, they found it extremely helpful academically to its engineering students. He also emphasized that “Quiz Bee is a food to mind’’ and they just need to have fun and also test their wits against each other as well as improve themselves to become better.

I was also given a chance to ask him how it is being an engineering student.  He said that being an engineering student is very hard and that there are lots of areas that  test not only your mathematical skills but also your logical and analytical skills. He also stressed the importance of patience and your desire to continue the course.
On the other hand, Julay Labitad added to his statement that this Quiz Bee competition encourages students to strive for excellence; hence it is also a board course./Sheila Mae Linabog/DevComm Student