CoEd-Main Organizes Financial Literacy and MPA MEAT Training

During the third week of May 2023, CoEd-Main organized a series of training focused on “Financial Literacy and Marine Protected Area (MPA) Management Effectiveness Assessment Tool (MEAT)” in Brgy. Apalan, Tuburan, Cebu. The training sessions saw active participation from Hon. Orlando Almacin, the Barangay Captain, members of the Barangay Council, local fisherfolks, and homemakers.

The training activities were facilitated by esteemed individuals who provided expertise in their respective fields. The Project Leader, Dr. Esperanza M. Del Fierro, was vital in guiding the training sessions. Joining her were project consultants Prof. Mario Marababol and Prof. Elisa Payod, as well as project members Dr. Margie Fulgencio and Dr. Fe Varona. The support of Dean Dr. Reylan G. Capuno was instrumental in making the training a success. This initiative was undertaken as part of the Sagip Sangtuaryo Program, aimed at assisting the community in effectively managing both their marine sanctuary and finances.

The training sessions on financial literacy provided participants with crucial knowledge and skills related to managing personal and community finances. Through interactive discussions, workshops, and practical exercises, attendees gained insights into budgeting, savings, investment opportunities, and responsible financial decision-making. The training aimed to empower individuals to make informed choices and achieve financial stability.

Simultaneously, the MPA MEAT training focused on equipping participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to assess and enhance the effectiveness of their marine protected area. Topics covered included monitoring and evaluation techniques, community engagement strategies, and sustainable resource management practices. By utilizing the MEAT tool, the community can ensure the long-term viability of their marine ecosystem while preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable fishing practices.

CoEd-Main remains dedicated to promoting community development and sustainable practices. The financial literacy and MPA MEAT training sessions in Apalan, Tuburan, were vital steps towards empowering the community with the skills and knowledge needed to manage their resources effectively. CoEd-Main aims to contribute to the community’s well-being and foster a sustainable and prosperous future through this training.

Words by Esperanza Del Fierro