Fourth-Year BS DevCom Students Celebrate Internship Culmination and Awards Ceremony

The Department of Communication (DComm) at CTU-Main recently organized a successful culmination and awards ceremony for the fourth-year Development Communication students who completed their 150-hour On-the-job training during the First Semester of AY 2022-2023—led by Professor Eva Jonah Marie Enojas, OJT Coordinator, under the supervision of Professor Junas Flores, DevComm Chairperson, which was held on June 13, 2023, at the Science and Technology Building.

Professor Enojas commenced the event with an insightful opening remark that set the tone for the ceremony. The students were then randomly selected to share their most memorable experiences and the valuable life lessons they gained during their internship.

The event also featured feedback from the OJT partners with the Department of Communication. Ms. Almie Mata, the Center for Communication and Media Research (CCMR) supervisor, delivered a confident and impactful speech, emphasizing the importance of setting goals, building connections, and learning from a distance. Mr. Jim Ouano, the Information, Communication, and Public Affairs (ICPA) supervisor, encouraged the students to pursue their dream careers and strive for well-paying jobs. Professor Mydah Kabingue, the Project Leader of Klima ug Kalikupan Webcast, delivered a professional speech reminding the students to prioritize their careers before considering marriage at an early age.

The ceremony concluded with the awarding of medals and certificates, which were facilitated by the OJT Supervisors, Professor Mydah Kabingue and Professor Junas Flores, with the assistance of the Guild of Development Communication (GODC) officers.

Despite the challenges posed by conducting the internship online, the students persevered and maximized their potential with the guidance and support of their supervisors. The internship allowed them to develop professional skills and competencies, gain intensive learning experiences, enhance communication skills, and foster personal growth while upholding ethical values.

The On-the-job training served as a valuable platform for growth and skill development, preparing the students for the real-world work environment. With deep gratitude and pride, the fourth-year BS DevCom students are ready to embark on their future journeys, conquer new horizons, and make their DevCom faculty proud.

Words by: Novy Anne Mahinay BS DevCom 4-A