Cebu Tech’s Grand ‘Opening Salvo’ 2023: Igniting Academic Excellence and Community Spirit

Cebu Tech extended a warm welcome to its students through a spirited “Opening Salvo” event. This event marked the official commencement of the Academic Year 2023-2024, themed “HIGH-FIVE Cebu Tech,” and took place at the Cebu Technological University Gymnatorium on September 29, 2023.

The initiative was spearheaded by the Office of Student Affairs and Services (SAS), under the leadership of Atty. Marvey Arnoco-Ocampo. SAS is dedicated to enhancing the overall student experience by providing a range of programs and services aimed at supporting students’ academic well-being and personal development. These services include Information and Orientation Services designed to assist students in their transition to tertiary education.

Throughout the day, a multitude of non-academic organizations hosted interactive booths, concurrent with morning activities and highlighted by afternoon events. These organizations aimed to engage CebuTech students in fun and meaningful activities while also seeking to recruit new members who share their causes. These causes contribute to the holistic development of students who strive for excellence and service within the university community.

The Closing Salvo activities marked the end of the day, leaving a positive and lasting impression on all those in attendance. These activities infused the university with energy and enthusiasm, setting the stage for an exciting academic year ahead. As the university welcomed its new freshmen, the Opening Salvo served as a means to introduce them to the campus and foster a sense of belonging and community as they embarked on their college journey.

Words by Almie Mata