Successful Internal Quality Audit at Cebu Technological University: Preparing for Excellence

The Internal Quality Audit (IQA) conducted at Cebu Technological University concluded successfully, with only minor adjustments made to the institution’s services and operations based on the auditors’ assessment from August 31 to September 1, 2023.

The primary objective of this audit was to evaluate various activities and gather objective evidence to determine the effective implementation of the documented Quality Management System (QMS), encompassing both regulatory and statutory requirements. This comprehensive review aimed to ensure that all necessary evidence for the activities outlined in the itinerary was readily available for inspection. Additionally, the audit focused on assessing the effectiveness of Corrective Actions taken in response to non-conformances identified during previous internal and surveillance audits.

Furthermore, the auditors examined the effectiveness of quality control measures, adherence to documented procedures, and the level of compliance with relevant standards.

The Audit Team, led by Dr. Decem Suladay, consisted of the following members: Dr. Rose Mary Almacen, Ms. Evangeline Rellin, Dr. Jose Marie Anoos, Dr. Bonifacio Amper, Ms. Melany Manlangit, Mr. Rhyan Jay Signe, Dr. Ruben Ungui, Ms. Charissa Jane Sambola, Dr. Roel Vasquez, Dr. Maria Leni Torralba, and Engr. Al Emmanuel Caballes. Observers included Prof. Rodel Hintapan as the Chronicler, Dr. Florieza Mangubat, and Prof. Ryan Mahilum.

The scope of the audit encompassed various services and operations, including: Management/Leadership; Educational Delivery Processes; Maintenance; Research and Development; Production; Extension & Resource Generation (PERG); Library Services; Procurement/BAC/Supply; Finance/Budget/Accounting/Cashier/Bookkeeper; Students Affairs Office (SAO); Registrar/MIS; HRMO; Document Controller; Support Services; Gender and Development (GAD); and Information Processing.

Additionally, the audit evaluated the management of the university’s educational system, including its extension campuses, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards, statutory requirements, and regulatory obligations. This assessment covered key areas such as: Context of the Organization; Leadership and Commitment; Planning (Risk and Opportunities); Support/Provision of Resources; Instruction, Research, Extension, and Production; and Performance Evaluation.

Following a comprehensive evaluation and audit process, Cebu Technological University is now well-prepared and equipped for the external IQA.

Words by Almie Mata