CTU-DELS conducts training workshop on language documentation

Following language research and linguistic realities in the Philippines and a few other neighboring countries, the Department of English and Literary Studies in Cebu Technological University-Main Campus (CTU-MC DELS) organized a training workshop on language documentation on October 25, 2023 at the 2nd floor of Science Technology Building, Learning Commons.

Present in the workshop were stakeholders of CTU DELS, Prof. Bejay V. Bolivar, Dr. Rowanne Marie Mangompit, Dr. Sunliegh Gador, Dr. Mirasol Lim, and Prof. Aida Verga Un, along with English Major students and two other guest speakers.

CTU-MC DELS initiated the language documentation workshop to sketch a more comprehensive perspective of the Philippine English characteristics and linguistic realities.

Prof. Bolivar set the air positively as she welcomed everyone to the workshop. “Language is a very elusive creature,” she quoted.

One of the resource speakers, Dr. Peter Siemund, chair of Linguistics at the University of Hamburg, shared his research-based knowledge of Global English in its local multilingual ecologies.

Dr. Aurelio Vilbar, a professor at the University of the Philippines also shared his knowledge about Multilingualism Research Directions for Cebu along with other gathered research references from different local linguists. His talk circulated around the realities of multilingual society including the sides of Mother tongue-based Multilingual Education.

Ultimately, the workshop concluded with a quick forum and conversation exchange between DELS and the speakers.

Words by Ashley Ann Rodriguez, Nation Builder