PERG’s conducts a three-Day Workshop on Intellectual Property Creation, Protection, and Commercialization

The office of the Vice-president for Production, Extension, and Resource Generation (PERG) hold its 3 day training Workshop on Intellectual Property Creation, Protection, and Commercialization on October 18-20, 2023 at the MJ Hotel and Suites, Cebu City.

The said seminar workshop was under the initiative of Dr. Lolita Velita, University Director for Resource Generation and Linkages under the support and supervision of Dr. Edgar Tibay, Vice President for PERG.

Dr. Leodivino Lawas, University Director for Innovation and Technology Support Office; Prof. Monifel Galagar RG Director – Tuburan Campus; and Ms. Naomi Bajao, ITSO member help to obtained the aim of the seminar to educate the faculty across campuses who attended about patents, that contributes to a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, this workshop on patent search and drafting is a valuable educational event that provides participants with essential skills and knowledge related to the patenting process. Intellectual property (IP), including patents, plays a critical role in promoting innovation, protecting inventions, and encouraging economic growth.

The event concluded in which the participants were empowered with the skills needed to protect their inventions and turn them into marketable products or services. It also encourage them the development and sharing of innovative ideas

Moreover, this workshop ensures that participants are aware of the legal aspects of the patent system, reducing the risk of unintentional patent infringement. This can provide participants with access to valuable resources, such as patent databases, search tools, and templates for drafting patent applications.

Words by Almie Mata