COT implements ‘Basic Electrical Installation and Maintenance Initiative

The College of Technology’s BIT – Electrical Technology department has undertaken a transformative extension project titled “Basic Electrical Installation and Maintenance,” which commenced on September 30 to 10 individuals from Barangay Hipodromo in Cebu City.

This pioneering initiative aims to equip the beneficiaries with fundamental skills in electrical installation and maintenance, aligning with the broader Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically targeting “decent work and economic growth” and “no poverty.” In harmony with the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028, the project strives to contribute to the socio-economic upliftment of the community.

Under the adept leadership of Prof. Rebecca Miraballes and Dr. Dexter Alit, the project is designed to empower participants to proficiently handle electrical wiring, lighting, and related systems in residential structures. By doing so, it opens up doors for them to pursue employment opportunities in the electrical profession, fostering self-sufficiency and economic stability.

Anticipated to culminate by February 2024, the project envisages that the beneficiaries will attain a high level of competency in Electrical Installation and Maintenance, potentially leading to successful completion of the TESDA NCII Assessment.

The project not only serves as a testament to the commitment of the university but also underscores its dedication to providing meaningful and impactful extension services. By actively participating in sustainable community development, the university is creating a positive ripple effect, contributing to the betterment of society at large. This initiative serves as a beacon, guiding the way towards a future where education becomes a catalyst for social change and empowerment.