Welcoming New Leadership at CoEd

“I will continue supporting our Department (College of Education), even if I have a higher responsibility.”

The commitment statement of Dr. Reylan Capuno, the outgoing CoEd Dean and currently the Vice-President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), in his speech during the turn over ceremony that took place on March 7, 2024, at the CoEd conference hall, CTU-Main.

With the theme: United We Rise: Building on the Legacy, Leading the way forward. The CoEd community convened to welcome their new college Dean in the turnover ceremony, a sign that they support the new leadership of the department.

Dr. Imelda J. Villarin, the newly appointed CoEd Dean, was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome. “I thought it was just a simple turn-over of documents, I did not expect that it has a formal turn-over ceremony.”

In her message during the Words of Acceptance, she acknowledged the pressure following the previous administration’s achievements but expressed confidence in continuing Dr. Capuno’s work with the help of the CoEd faculty.

Dr. Ramel Genobiagon, the recently appointed CTU-Main Campus Director, joined Dr. Villarin in supporting the ceremony. In his message, Dr. Genobiagon stressed the importance of setting aside differences and working together towards shared university goals, signaling a new era of collaboration within the academic community.

Finally, even with a busy schedule, University President Dr. Joseph Pepito attended the ceremony to show his support. As the torch passed to Dr. Villarin, the CoEd community emerged united and prepared to face future challenges. Driven by a shared commitment to excellence, the department is ready to continue its legacy under the capable leadership of Dr. Villarin. / ICPA