Cebu Technological University – Main Campus

About Us

Cebu Technological University (CTU) Main is located at R. Palma Street corner M. J. Cuenco Avenue with a land area of 2.8 hectares. It was previously known as the Cebu School of Trades and Technology (CSAT). It started in 1911 when the Cebu Trade School was created to enhance the students’ technical skills.

CTU Main started with five colleges, namely College of Technology (COT), College of Education (COEd), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Engineering (COE), College of Nursing in consortium with Cebu City Medical Center (CN CCMC) and Graduate School. In 2019, two colleges were added, such as the College of Computer, Information and Communication Technology and College of Management and Entrepreneurship.

CTU Main has produced five topnotchers over the last three years. This consists of faculty members who have been awarded for their exemplary performance, and sends students to local and international on-the-job training in the last three years.

The Main Campus administrators provide support to the university directors and administrators in the instruction, research, extension, and production to attain sustainable development goals.

Lastly, the CTU Main has been constructing two buildings for university-wide events, offices, and classrooms to address the increasing number of students enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate programs of the university.


The University’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives.

Presents the organizational structure of the Campus.

A short introduction of the Campus Director.

List of all the Offices in the Campus with their contact information.

A general overview of Cebu Technological University Main’s Campus History from its establishment as a university up to the present.