Cebu Technological University – Main Campus

Social Responsibility



Tabang Sudlon: Ligdong Panginabuhi alang sa Pangibuhi alang sa Kalambuan sa Katawhan ug sa Kalikupan

The project is composed of skills training in soap making, baking of chocolate products and marketing; training on financial literacy, product marketing and bookkeeping; and solid waste management.

22 Beneficiaries (Community Residents)

24 volunteer students

51 volunteer staff


E-TECHS (Engineering Technical Skills) A Livelihood Program: Waste Into Sustainable HandiCrafts Phase II & T-Shirt Production

To learn a skill and earn a living, beneficiaries were trained in handicrafts using recyclable waste materials. Others were trained in t-shirt production.

18 Beneficiaries (women)

5 volunteer students

5 volunteer staff


Phase 2: TV Antenna Assembly and Servicing

Beneficiaries were trained in antenna assembly and troubleshooting to increase employment and livelihood opportunities.

5 Beneficiaries (ALS Students)

7 volunteer students

4 volunteer staff

Basic Electrical Wiring Installation (Phase 2)

To increase employability in the electrical profession, this project trained beneficiaries in basic electrical wiring installation.

6 Beneficiaries (ALS Students)

80 volunteer hours

4 volunteer staff


Buut-Therapy Phase II

To improve their well-being (self-concept and self-efficacy) and consequently their organizational skills, beneficiaries were trained in the BuuT Therapy

54 Beneficiaries (Administrators/Teachers)

24 volunteer hours

6 volunteer staff


TRAPO Industry: Training Adult-Beneficiaries for Purposeful Outcomes

The project provided skills training on rag making (trapo) for sustainable livelihood to the adult beneficiaries of AGAK Foundation, a church-based organization.

10 Beneficiaries (Adult Beneficiaries)

32 volunteer hours

18 volunteer staff


PaTEGAYON (Pagsagop sa Teknolohiya sa Grupong Alayon) Phase 2

To establish a more profitable micro-business enterprise, cooperative member-beneficiaries were trained in the various innovative and patented products .

37 Beneficiaries (Members)

24 volunteer hours

8 volunteer staff


Skills Training on Food Processing of Patented Products

For income augmentation, beneficiaries were trained in food processing of patented products

123 Beneficiaries (ARC Members)

45 volunteer hours

18 volunteer staff


Kakugi sa Pagpangalagad ug Palambo sa Tagibalangay (Phase II)

Beneficiaries were trained in producing VCO – based moisturizing lotion and VCO – based liquid hand wash to augment income.

30 Beneficiaries (Community Residents)

24 volunteer hours

9 volunteer staff


Bag Pattern Making and Designing

Training in pattern making and cutting for hapao, sinamay cloth, and tote bag making and designing were provided to the beneficiaries.

75 Beneficiaries (ARC Members)

2 volunteer students

12 volunteer staff


USF Product Design, Packaging and Printing Training

Through a University Shared Facility (USF), MSME beneficiaries were provided with skills in producing, designing, printing, packaging and labeling products to improve productivity.

224 Beneficiaries (MSMEs), 524 Beneficiaries (students)

200 volunteer hours

9 volunteer staff

ComLit 4.0 Phase 2

A computer literacy training that intended to train the beneficiaries in all aspects of computer operations to make them employable.

20 Beneficiaries (Barangay Workers, OSY)

40 volunteer hours

15 volunteer staff


Technology Dissemination and Adoption of Patented Food Products

The project disseminated to partner-community the technological innovation of patented food products and other developed products for economic empowerment.

26 Beneficiaries (Housewives)

10 volunteer students

1 volunteer staff


Liwanag Mo Sagot Ko: Lighting Up Lives Through Renewable Energy Application and Utilization

To improve quality of life, the project trained beneficiaries on how to fabricate solar powered lamp- an affordable source of energy-solar

50 Beneficiaries (Community Residents)

1 volunteer students

6 volunteer staff