Cebu Technological University – Main Campus

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The University Shared Facility (USF) for “Sewing” in Cebu Technological University (CTU) Main Campus aims to improve MSMEs competitiveness, product quality and capacity by a shared facility system that provides machinery, equipment, tools, systems, accessories and other auxiliary items in garment production.

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The Cebu Technological University (CTU) Main printing and packaging center offers access and operates state-of-the-art machinery to produce quality packaging and labels of patented products from its prospective clients from public or private individuals or organizations. It will also offer other designing needs, food packaging, and paper-based printing services to MSMEs, industries, and entrepreneurs. These machineries are industry-grade and are high in cost that only large manufacturing companies can usually afford them. Consequently, these machines can also provide outputs to maximize production, which is an emerging industry in the city and neighboring areas.

Aside from printed output and machine services, the center also offers training and seminars for related fields and offering. The center is a venue for such events and training. Its personnel and staff will also give consultations and assistance to prospective target markets.

This Center operates with a minimum staff working together with volunteer crews composed of students of the Graphics and Design Program and Food Technology program of the College of Technology and College of Education of the Main Campus inside a system best adapted to existing staffing constructs of the CTU System.

The Center charges a minimum fee from its clientele such as would maintain democratic access to its technologies and services and still facilitate a return of investment of all machinery over a long cycle and sustain the project. Its primary target clientele is food processing MSMEs, industries that needed design, packaging, labeling, printing services, students, professionals, and entrepreneurs needing training workshops on food processing, packaging, labeling, and packaging Design and other design requirements.

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