Mary Anne C. Villaganas


Mary Anne C. Villaganas

Current Academic Rank: Assistant Professor III

Campus: Main Campus

Designation: Academic Coordinator, CEES Adviser

Department and College: College of Education, Professional Education Area

Other Affiliations (RDE Centers, etc): Secretary, CTU-MC Alumni Association INC.


Research Interest(s):

  • Educational Issues
  • Social Issues


  • Doctorate degree(s) or equivalent: Doctor in Development Education
  • Masteral degree(s) or equivalent: Master of Arts in Education Major in Administration and Supervision
  • Bachelor degree(s): Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics
  • Other Degree(s): None

Awards/ Recognition Received:

  • N/A

Professional Affiliations/ Membership:

  1. PAFTE

Current Project(s) grant(s) if any:

  1. AGAK Extension

Other links (please copy): (ORCID; google scholar; reseaarch gate)

  1. N/A

List of Publication in APA format (if any, please use additional sheets if necessary):

  1. N/A