Melona Case-Deguma


Melona Case-Deguma

Current Academic Rank: Instructor I

Campus: Main Campus

Designation: Chairperson, Guidance and Counseling

Department and College: College of Education


Research Interest(s):

  • Psychology, Education, Counseling


  • Doctorate degree(s) or equivalent: Doctor in Development Education (CAR)
  • Masteral degree(s) or equivalent: Master in Education – Guidance and Counseling
  • Bachelor degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Other Degree(s): Diploma in Professional Education

Awards/ Recognition Received:

  • 5th Placer Board Exam for Guidance and Counseling

Professional Affiliations/ Membership:


Current Project(s) grant(s) if any:

  1. N/A

Other links (please copy): (ORCID; google scholar; research gate)

  1. N/A

List of Publication in APA format (if any, please use additional sheets if necessary):

  1. Case, M.S., Deguma, J.J. Delos Reyes, NR. T., Manugas, S.A., Unabia, M.Y. (2019). Personal Development: Structured Learning Activities for Senior High School Students. Lorimar Publishing ISBN 971-621-803-4
  2. Deguma, J., Case, M., Tandag, J. (2019) Popular Religiosity: Experiencing Quiapo and Turumba. American Research Journal of Humanities and Social
  3. Deguma, J.J., Peteros, E.D., Case, M.S., & Igot, V.J., (2018). Violence Against Women and Gender Equality in the Philippines: Are they Related?. Journal of Educational and Human Resource Development, 6, 68-81
  4. Kahambing, J.G.S., Deguma, J.J., & Deguma, M.C., (2019). Marrying, Loving, and Dreaming: A Case Study of the Developmental Tasks of Lasting Marriages in the Philippines. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 8(3), 234-234