Moalboal Campus

Campus DirectorELDIE V. ABENIDO
Assistant Campus DirectorROSITA D. BAGSIT
Phone Number/s474-8196/ 474- 8104
Student Population (Undergraduate) as of October 20203,905
Student Population (Graduate School) as of October 2020320
Student Awards/Recognitions in the last 3 years2
Faculty Awards/Recognitions in the last 3 years2
Board Topnotcher in the last 3 years1
Accredited Student Organizations as of 20203
Completed Infrastructure as of 20201
Ongoing Infrastructure as of 20201
Local Linkages in the last 3 years72
Completed Extension Activities in the last 3 years6
Ongoing Extension Activities as of 20204
Ongoing GAA-funded Researches as of 20205
Completed GAA-funded Researches in the last 3 years17
International OJTs in the last 3 years13
National Linkages in the last 3 years4
Income Generating Project Profit in the last 3 years9, 347, 817. 79