CTU-Moalboal Alumni Affairs Office conducts Orientation on Data Collection for Graduate Tracer Study

CTU-Moalboal Campus 1st Year ROTC Students underwent an orientation on gathering data for the Graduate Tracer Study (GTS) on April 18, 2022, led by Dr. Alexis P. Ramirez of the CTU-Moalboal Alumni Affairs Office.

Dr. Ezer G. Monteclar, ROTC Professor, began the orientation by welcoming the students and thanking them for attending. He explained to the students what the orientation was all about. He then gave Dr. Ramirez the floor to further discuss the significance of GTS and the relevance of participating in the research that their office is now undertaking. 

Dr. Ramirez emphasized to the students the importance of GTS in determining the employability of CTU-Moalboal graduates from 2018 to 2021. He also stated that the data gathered is essential for the University’s various endeavours and that all data would be treated with the strictest confidentiality. He requested the students to support them with their studies because it is for the benefit of the University. 

On the other hand, Dr. Cyril A. Cabello, one of the new faculty members of CTU-Moalboal Campus, College of Education, was the one who provided a comprehensive orientation on how to collect data and approach research respondents. He shared ways and tactics for gathering data from respondents. 

Dr. Zandro O. Perez, CTU-Moalboal Campus Director, came to encourage the students in the middle of the orientation. In his motivational speech, he encouraged the students to participate in this massive endeavour and collect sufficient data for the study. He was also grateful to the students for their attendance and enthusiasm. 

“Thank you for the very big yes, the yes to help us and the yes to participate in this endeavour,” Dr. Perez said

While after that, was the question and answer portion followed to verify that the students completely understood the orientation. 

Simultaneously, role play was carried out to observe possible scenarios and different viewpoints to consider while obtaining data. Dr. Monteclar concluded the orientation by announcing the data collection schedule and then said, “Do your best to convince them, and be patient.”

Words by Donalyn A. Sabanal