Ang Taga members join Himamat Art Exhibition

Cebu Technological University – Moalboal Campus Ang Taga (Official Student Publication) members joined the Himamat Art Exhibition in the Municipality of Ronda, Cebu, last September 7, 2022. 


Ms. Lucky Jewel Rose Salvador and Ms. Kathleen Mae Diama, third-year BSIT students, impart their talents and share their paintings.  


Salvador brought four of her artworks to the exhibition: the Burning Passion, the Kiss of Life, the Portrait of a Woman, and the Cultivator. 


Salvador said that her interest in the natural ways of human and acrylic paint and a brushing technique called loose brushstroke was her painting’s style, aka “a touch of realism”. She explained that her painting represents how humans are imperfect, and no matter how imperfect they are, they still have beauty.  


Salvador was also their Creative Director and their Layout Editor. Along with her, Diama is also a Layout Editor in Ang Taga Publication in CTU-Moalboal. On the other hand, she showcased her painting, Barking Flaws.  


Himamat Art Exhibitions aims to feature local artists of Rondahanons. Organizing the different feature arts, photography, and sculptures. 




Words by: Marvin F. Pueblo 

Copy-edit by: Mitchelle Stephanie L. Tacda / BS DevCom 4-A Intern