CTU-Moalboal Campus holds the General Orientation Program for A.Y. 2022-2023

Photo by Ang Taga

Cebu Technological University (CTU) – Moalboal campus successfully conducted a general orientation program for the academic year 2022–2023 on September 19, 2022, through Facebook live. 

Dr. Zandro O. Perez, Campus Director, delivered the welcome remarks. The various directors’ composed of Dr. Antonieta V. Minyamin represents the College of Education, Dr. Grace B. Gimena from the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Wym V. Dionaldo of the College of Technology, Dr. Elisheba S. Padillo, College of Business Management and Engineering, and Dr. Gilda G. Membrillos, College of Fisheries, delivered their messages for the orientation.

Dr. Rosita D. Bagsit, Assistant Campus Director, reviewed and discussed the university’s newest VMGO and core values to help keep the university on track with its broader purpose by assisting school leaders in navigating their best interests.

Moreover, Mrs. Vivien T. Teves, Acting Campus Registrar, who specializes in academic load adjustment, adding, withdrawing, and dropping courses, discussed the educational policies. On the other hand, Dr. Gilda G. Membrillos, the Dean of Instruction, provided the guidelines surrounding the grading system, class attendance, retention and promotion, scholastic standing, honors and awards.

Furthermore, Dr. Glynne P. Bate, Director of Student Services, discussed the campus’s student services. Student services were one of the orientation’s highlights, as their mission is to prepare students for active participation in the institution and society. They are also arranging more activities to help students and employees develop holistically.

Additionally, Dr. Ezer G. Monteclar, Director of Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM), discussed the guidelines for limited face-to-face classes, emphasizing the significance of adhering to the updated regulations to preserve a healthy and safe environment. Likewise, regardless of vaccination status, all students and school personnel are welcome to attend CTU-Moalboal’s face-to-face classes.

The Chief Security Officer, Dr. Reynoso Torcende, highlighted safety and preventative measures. His goal as a chief security officer is to maintain the safety and security of all university students, workers, and visitors. He also hopes that students will respect the campus security personnel considering their job is tough. He also emphasized the significance of submitting a letter request to security guards while accessing university facilities for activities such as P.E practice or any other purpose.

Mrs. Mary Zarlie A. Tormis, the school nurse, informed Facebook live viewers that they are giving face-to-face and online consultations for medical and dental services. She also urged the students to follow their Facebook page so that they could message them about health-related concerns conveniently. 

Finally, Guidance Counselor Designate Professor Rosie Fe B. Legaspino discussed the function of the guidance services office, its services, and the personnel who develop and execute those services. As one of the university’s support services, the office facilitates its programs and services by providing seminars, webinars, group and counselling sessions, and various other benefits.

Words by Donalyn A. Sabanal

Copy-edit by Divine Fernandez