CTU Moalboal Hosts the 3rd Local Leadership Summit, Uniting Student Leaders

The CTU Moalboal Supreme Student Governments successfully organized their 3rd Local Leadership Summit, held at the CTU Moalboal Campus from January 24 to 26, 2024.

The summit, eagerly awaited by student leaders from CTU Moalboal and CTU Malabuyoc extension campus, aimed to foster leadership skills, encourage networking among students, and provide insights from notable figures in the leadership field.

The program commenced with welcoming speeches from Dr. Charmaine P. Antecristo, Campus Director of CTU Moalboal and an inspiring message from Dr. Catherine P. Tapales, SAO Director of CTU Moalboal. They emphasized the significance of commitment and problem-solving skills in leadership. Hon. Niño Noel L. Mendez, President of CTU Moalboal Supreme Student Government officially inaugurated the summit by encouraging participants to enjoy the event and ensuring an unforgettable experience throughout their stay.

As part of the 3rd Local Leadership Summit delegates were randomly divided into “Districts” taking inspiration from Suzanne Collins “Hunger Games.” The summit followed Panems tradition by conducting a Reaping to choose Tributes who would serve as district leaders.

Over the course of three days summit, student leaders took part in activities such as campfires, team building exercises, seminars and open discussions focusing on leadership on the first day. The second day involved tasks like “Flag Making” and “War Cry,” along, with energizing leadership games including “Red Light, Green Light ” “Build A Bridge ” “Garbage Challenge,” “Quotes,” “Mud Crawl ” “Wood Challenge ” “Yarn Challenge ” “Follow the Leader” and “Save your Tribute.”

The evening of the second day featured “The Chaos,” a series of games that tested the courage, sharpeness, teamwork, trustworthiness and pride of student leaders. The activities included “Shape Shifting,” “Pyramid Challenge,” “Mind Field,” “Stand Up ” “What Makes You a Leader ” “Human Act,” “Do Not Step the Cup ” “Save the Weakest ” “Catching Fire,” and “Spot the Difference” where student leaders had to complete tasks while blindfolded.

On the third day, the students faced the final challenge in the game called “The Hunt,” where delegates were tasked to find items representing their district. These activities provided valuable learning opportunities for student leaders to develop their skills, solve problems, and build strong friendships and shared understanding.

As the third day neared its end, the summit concluded with the presentation of participation certificates and the official proclamation of the victor, with District 8: Team Transportation emerging as the victorious district. / Mary Joy H. Pagador