CoEd Conducts Pinning Ceremony for Pre-service Teachers

The College of Education (CoEd) of Cebu Technological University (CTU) Moalboal Campus held a pinning ceremony for the 4th-year students of the College of Education to receive their pre-service pins on February 5, 2024, at CTU Moalboal Campus covered court.

The Pre-service teachers of Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics (BSED- Math), and Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLED), as well as the CoEd faculty and staff with its Dean, Dr. Severina P. Velos with Dr. Charmaine P. Antecristo, Campus Director, honored guests and parents were among the ceremony.

With the theme, “Igniting the Flame, Shaping Futures,” the momentous occasion started with an encouraging welcome address from Prof. Nanet A. Goles, Chairperson of the BSED Math Program followed by the words of inspiration from Dr. Antecristo, who highlighted the significant of the event

Dr. Reynaldo T. Gabales, the former Campus Director of CTU-Moalboal shared how talent combined with character creates a vital avenue for growth and a gateway to the future.

“Other ways of having talent, then it would be the mountain and the spirit… it starts in the attitude the tasks from first to fourth year,” Dr. Gabales said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Thessalou E. Gocotano, a Magna Cum Laude of Batch 2022 shared about her life’s narrative revolving around the event’s theme, “Igniting the Flame, Shaping Futures”.

“This flame, once ignited, has the transformative power to shape destiny,” she shared.

The words from the motivational speakers ignited spirits of eagerness and pride in the pursuit of their teaching profession, and the pinning ceremony proceeded as a prestigious tradition, signifying the entrance of the pre-service teachers into the professional domain.

Dr. Leomar Ypanto, the class adviser of BEED 4B, presided over the recognition of pre-service teachers for the BEED program also Prof. Nanet Goles, chairperson of BSEd Math program presented the pre-service teachers for the BSED Math as well as Prof. Miriam Sambrana, chairperson of BTLEd program recognized the pre-service teachers for BTLED. Furthermore, the pre-service teachers accepted the pins with pride and honor from their parents.

Adding to the thrusts of the event, Mrs. Jessabel C. Sobiono, a BEED 4A Class Secretary, Ms. Jessa Marie Dioquino, a BEED 4B Class Secretary, Ms. Shenna Mae L. Diong, a BSED Math 4 Class Monitor; and Gerome Ybanez, a BTLED 4 Class auditor gave their acceptance speeches which spoke of gratitude and were privilege to the pristine segment ahead.

Subsequently, the screen played ecstatic sentiments of their journey, kicking off with the lighting of candles, “Long Live” by Taylor Swift was then played, a song about moments of camaraderie and gratitude afterwards, they embrace their parents.

The event left a lasting impression as Dr. Feliciana G. Cababat, chairperson of the BSEd Science program, gave her closing remarks, saying words of good luck and God bless for the journey ahead.

Through this event, a ceremony that signals a rapture of hope and good luck, the pre-service teachers bid goodbye to the bygone years. Ready to embark on a new phase in their teaching profession and a new journey commences. / Sarah Jane P. Anoba