Lumayno’s grabs 1st Prize in the A3D LEAD Visayas

Following the successful launch of the Leadership Empowerment Against Dopes (LEAD) Series by the Association of Advocates Against Drug Addiction (A3D), Inc. in Luzon last year (2023), the team is currently hosting the same series in Visayas, named the National Seminar-Workshop and Training Program on Drug Abuse Prevention and Education (DAPE) at Golden Prince Hotel, Cebu City.

The seminar-workshop and training program include not only plenary sessions and group discussions but also competitions, including the on-the-spot poster-making competition.

Marc Justin Lumayno, representing CTU-Moalboal in the competition, received endorsement from Mr. Marvin Pableo, the Ang Taga Adviser.

During the competition, the participants were instructed to use pseudonyms to prevent bias during judging. For Lumayno, he decided to use an alias that gives him a big inspiration to encourage himself to give his all in the competition.

“Pilemon ang gipili nakong alias kay namasin ko nga unta sa paggamit nako ani, mamahimo usab akong garbo sa Ang Taga Publication,” he shared.

Pilemon is the name of the Ang Taga’s icon, which is inspired by the Cebuano folksong entitled “Si Pilemon.” And, Lumayno is a member of the said publication. In fact, he is the Senior Cartooning and Video Editor.

Despite drawing inspiration from the icon and his own experiences, he had several doubts about his own artwork.

“Kulang pa jud ko og practice kay dugay-dugay na jud ko wala naka-apil og ing-ani nga competition….di pud ko kaayu satisfied sa akong output,” he shared.

The competition marked his return to the poster making competition world since his last participation during high school. He also had doubts about whether his output aligns with the theme “We Choose Life: Empowering Schools and Communities Against Illegal Drugs.”

Despite all those doubts, Lumayno clinched the top prize, beating other participants coming from different universities in the country.

“Nag-aim ko nga maka daog pero wa kaayo ko nag-expect kay national contest gud ni, ubay-ubay jud ang bansay nga moapil maong wa jud ko katuo dayon pag tawag sa akong alias nga ‘Pilemon’ as 1st place,” he expressed.

Lumayno’s achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering support and encouragement he received from the Ang Taga family, Mr. Pableo, Dr. Catherine Tapales, Dr. Charmaine Antecristo, his own family, and friends. His success not only brings pride to CTU-Moalboal and the Ang Taga but also warrants sincere praise and commendation for his dedication and the collective support that fueled his journey. / Donalyn A. Sabanal