Manayon is Sepak outstanding athlete

In November 2018, representing the Cebu Technological University (CTU) Main Campus, notable player, Mark Manayon (a senior education student) together with his teammate, Christian Rojax of CTU Naga and ten others from the Main campus bagged the gold medal as the Champion team of the Sepak Takraw sports event in the Triangular Meet of Cebu Technological University System namely:  Argao, Danao and the Main Campus. The said event was held at the spacious provincial campus of CTU Danao City, Cebu.

Following the Triangular Meet, Manayon again proved himself at the Angara’s  Cup Tournament  in Tuburan, Cebu when he and his team brought home another silver medal for his mother campus. The event took place in the new covered court of CTU Tuburan, Cebu, one of the biggest campuses in the CTU System.

Likewise, in February 2019 his team also garnered a silver medal in The State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) Regional Meet as Manayon, together with his teammates from Danao and the Main campus, competed with five prestigious schools.

With dedication, Manayon undoubtedly brings honor and pride to his college as he balances his school duties with his sports activities. Thus, he was accorded as an Outstanding Athlete in Sepak Takraw in the SCUUA Regional Games on May 24, 2019.