CTU Naga inaugurates 3-story facility

From an old market building, a state-of-the-art learning facility is built. A huge transformation had just happened at the Cebu Technological University (CTU) Naga following the inauguration of a three-story school building last January 28. Students and teachers can look forward to a better learning environment with the completion of the old building’s rehabilitation. “This newly rehabilitated building provides new facilities and a much-improved le

arning environment for CTU Naga students. I can’t imagine how excited teachers and students were when they first moved in,” said CTU Naga Campus Director Dr. Joseph C. Pepito.

The inauguration was attended by several dignitaries headed by CTU President Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. Among those who graced the inauguration were Naga City Mayor Kristine Vanessa Chiong, former CTU Naga Campus Director Dr. Gregorio Gamboa Jr., who is now the Surigao State College of Technology President and former CTU president Dr. Bonifacio Villanueva. Some CTU Board of Regent members, Naga City Council and barangay officials also attended the momentous event. “We could not have this without the collaborative efforts of all sectors of the university, our stakeholders and previous administrators,” said Dr. Ancheta. “With this collaboration, we hope to have more projects in CTU Naga.” Dr. Pepito, on the other hand, highlighted the importance of having the needed facilities. “We understand better than anyone else the need for continuous improvement and innovation in knowledge disbursement as our youth conquers the challenges to reach the peak of success. We believe it is our duty to provide them with all the support in the form of good infrastructures and quality education,” Dr. Pepito said. 

Dr. Pepito also thanked the people who made the rehabilitation possible. “In every step of this ambitious endeavor, we have been assisted by the local government of Naga headed by the dynamic and supportive Hon. Mayor Chiong, the university officials headed by the University President Dr. Ancheta and other benefactors. We are grateful to all of you and I hope that you’ll never leave us as we work on the completion of the required facilities for CTU Naga,” Dr. Pepito said. With the new facility, Dr. Pepito assured that CTU Naga would continue to be a source of quality education. “Let me take this opportunity to make a solemn promise that CTU Naga will continue to provide accessible quality tertiary education to the community and be instrumental in helping the students reach their dreams,” assured Dr. Pepito. 

For the City Mayor on her part, she vowed to do the same. In her message, she said that the youth needs to be given all the opportunities to succeed in life. “When a member in one household succeeds, he/she shall make a difference for his/her family,“, Hon. Chiong said./CTU MAIN- UPO