CTU-Naga Extension Campus made a courtesy call to Mayor Val Chiong

From left to right: Prof.Cape Beverlyn Genobiagon ,Prof. Glenn Trinidad, Mayor Val Chiong, Dr. Emily Jungoy,Dr. Adeline Dela Cruz and Prof. Francis Val Gamboa

On July 19, 2022, the CTU-Naga Extension Campus, led by Campus Director Dr. Adeline Dela Cruz, made a courtesy call to Honorable Mayor Val Chiong of the City of Naga. 

Following the visit, Mayor Chiong pledged that his administration would continue to assist the university, mainly because it is one of his key priorities to advance education.

The potential expansion of CTU-Naga to make it a satellite campus is a topic of discussion. 

Prof. Cape Beverlyn Genobiagon of the Student Affairs Office, Prof. Glenn Trinidad, extension director, Dr. Emelyn Jungoy, BEED chair, and Prof. Francis Val Gamboa of the MIS office are among the professors participating in the previous visit. 

Such a visit is anticipated to deepen the relationship between the institution and the LGU, which collaborates to empower youngsters in the city.

Words by Rumuela L. Wong