CHED Region 7 Visits CTU-Naga Extension Campus

On September 8, 2022, the CTU-Naga Extension Campus welcomed the CHED Region 7 Supervisors for their monitoring visit. Under the direction of Dr. Jameson T. Lim, the team was tasked with inspecting the campus’ retrofitting and getting it ready for the first limited face-to-face class among laboratory courses.

With the steadfast support of the CTU VPAA, Dr. Heide Arcenal Pineda and Atty. Marvey Ocampo, Dr. Adeline Dela Cruz, the campus director, led the campus in answering the CHED team’s queries.

This occasion is anticipated to mark the approval and achievement of the start of the in-person classes.

Words by Rumuela L. Wong, CTU Naga