CTU-Naga Extension Campus conducts Parents and Stakeholders Consultation Meetings

Photo credits to Rennelie Panzo

CTU-Naga conducts the Parents and Stakeholders Consultation Meeting on October 13, 2022, at the Enan Chiong Activity Center in the City of Naga, Cebu. 


The meeting in concern is about starting face-to-face classes in the middle of October. The university president and the Commission on Higher Education office issued the full in-person class memo, contrary to most students and parents who reportedly expected the face-to-face class implementation the following semester. 


The implementation is also based on instructions from some national legislators, which prompted the CHED Memo on the subject, as agreed upon by the school administration and the stakeholders. Due to prior arrangements made based on the anticipated online classes, CTU-one-story Naga’s structure does not have enough classroom space to accommodate all of the enrolled students for the academic year. As a result, classes will be held periodically.


The dates for the scheduled reporting for the various year levels are as follows: October 17–21, 2022, for first-year students; October 24, 2022, for sophomores; and October 31-Nov. 4, 2022, for juniors and seniors, which have smaller population. In light of the students’ concerns about their finances and employment, it is anticipated that the timetable will accustom students and parents to the full implementation of in-person classes in the subsequent semesters.


Lastly, a group of PTA officers are chosen to respond quickly to information dissemination to stakeholders and address potential future issues. As a result, better organized and methodical processes on campus are anticipated for upcoming programs and school matters.



Words by Rumuela L. Wong