Signing-up and Signing-in for CTU Argao Student Portal

Cebu Technological University (CTU) Argao MIS brings out the very first student portal to keep updated with students’ information, scholarship status, etc. This will also serve as an exclusive setting to post-school announcements and or updates. The MIS Office can now easily connect with the students virtually.

Here’s how to Register:

STEP 1. Using your browser, open the link,

STEP 2. Provide needed information: G-Suite account, Complete ID Number and


STEP 3. After signing-up, open your G-Suite account (G-mail) to get Student Portal Information.

STEP 4. After getting portal information via G-suite account, sign-in thru this link,

STEP 5.  After signing-in, change your profile ( a formal photo is required.) and

review the information reflected. Correct them if there are incorrect data.

STEP 6.  You can now use the Student Portal to check your Study Load/COR, profile data and other information.

STEP 7.  For queries and more information, you can send a message via MIS Argao